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    NEO Cricket Club (NCC) is located in London, an active local communitysporting club. We have a senior team participating in National Cricket League in 2018 cricket season.NEO Cricket Club (NCC) has a strong connection to the local community with a membership base located in the Essex area. We are proud of our ‘all are welcome’ policy towards new players, whether young or old we encourage players to take part in the club and enjoy the benefits of sport for the mind and body.NEO Cricket Club (NCC) is part of NEO Cricket Academy (NCA) based in Chittagong, Bangladesh. In March 2011 it was founded by Mr Ayaz Karim (Level2 Cricket Coach, England Cricket Board) and Mr Abu SamaBiplob (Sports Organisor and Senior Cricket Coach).The ambition is to provide unrivalled expert cricket coaching for young people learning the game across the UK. Many young cricketers are benefitting from the first class coaching throughout the year.It provides young players with a unique opportunity to undertake intense training at local areas. Players also gain the benefit of being involved in the various Age level cricket and High Performance programs.

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    Abdullah Al Noman (Player ID- 3485)

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    Asaduzzaman Hiru (Player ID- 3798)

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    Ayaz Karim (Player ID- 1358)

    All Rounder
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    BILAL BUTT (Player ID- 343)

    All Rounder
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    Hasan Mahmud (Player ID- 4521)

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    Juwel Roy (Player ID- 1359)

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    Keval Patel (Player ID- 4647)

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    MD Sajedul Islam (Player ID- 5200)

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    Mehad Khan (Player ID- 1093)

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    Mohammad Kafi (Player ID- 1411)

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    Mohammed Al-Amin (Player ID- 4402)

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    Muhammad Javed Hossain (Player ID- 4300)

    All Rounder
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    Niraj Godhani (Player ID- 4610)

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    Prashant Kumar (Player ID- 4305)

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    Pritesh Patel (Player ID- 1340)

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    Ricky Daniel Cooper (Player ID- 4535)

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    Rokan Uddin Arafat (Player ID- 2815)

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    Santosh Sitaram Shinde (Player ID- 4614)

    All Rounder
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    Shohagh Mallick (Player ID- 3070)

    All Rounder
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    Thanvi Nasar Choudhury (Player ID- 5246)

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    Zisan Abedin (Player ID- 1694)

    All Rounder
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