About NCL

The Committee welcomes you all to the introduction of this wonderful colourful concept of cricket played on grass root level. The cricketing project is called National Cricket League (NCL).

The Head Quarters of the League is based at 22 KIKDALE ROAD LEYTONSTONE LONDON E11 1HP

Our work has been recognised by local councillors, members of various communities, former players, young people and other passionate cricket lovers.

We started the project back in 2010, we introduced a concept in Twenty20 Cricket which was similar to our counties and international counter parts where players from grass root level had the experience in playing cricket in coloured uniforms and with a white cricket ball and also adding rules such as power play, fielding restrictions and other T20 rules. With the continuous success in 2011 which assisted the demands to grow and brought a lot more interest to the sport of cricket. After the amazing season we covered in 2011 we look forward to the 2012 season with some improvements for all players & fans.  The committee has managed to accomplish something which has not been attempted before on grass root levels, in bringing the similarities of our International counterparts in adding a longer version of the game, 40 over cricket which still maintains the excitement of power play over and provide the sport to all Communities & cricket lovers.

The National Cricket League aims and objectives are to expand the level of cricket to different regions in the United Kingdom and promoting our colour concept to achieve our goals in empowering and encouraging our new generations and other passionate cricket lovers to take on the sport of cricket.

Cricket as a sport has brought a lot of excitement to majority passionate playing members, especially attracting young players who see Twenty20 Cricket as a great bench mark to be introduced to the Sport and to make progress on other forms of the game. 

National Cricket League offers you a fantastic summer programme:

40 over League Matches

40 over Cup Competition

20 over Cup Competition

All Participating Cricket Clubs are provided with coloured uniforms & equipment and all matches are to be played with white cricket balls. Match officials are also provided for all games.
The National Cricket League is followed and broadcasted by Media coverage from World viewed TV Channels and local newspapers where players and managements get the opportunity and experience to be given the exposure and platform through the various media coverage.
The National Cricket League want to be part of the establishment development programme of new generation cricketers to take on the sports and provide facilities and giving guidance to various level of players on where they can take themselves to in the future of cricket.  This could be various stages such as the district and county levels and hoping one day these players will represent England and other respective nations and continue the high standard of players coming through.

National Cricket League (NCL) Management:

Chairman/Treasurer/Development Officer                Mr Nahed Patel         Mob: 07957 485 548


League Secretary Fixtures & Results Secretary/      Mr Sajid Patel            Mob: 07958 574 878
Web Administrator/Welfare Officer.


Umpires Representative/Events Co-ordinator         Mr Ashfaq Alam         Mob: 07841 290 744


Registration Officer/Events Co-ordinator                  Mr Juned Patel           Mob: 07956 981 601


Head of Disputes & Decisions Panel                       Mr Ayub Patel (Hero) Mob: 07786 894 929


Development Officer/Events Co-ordinator                Mr Afzal Sutariya         Mob: 07955 181 616


Anirban CC

Aveley CC

Avengers CC 1

Avengers CC 2

Barking CC

Brothers United CC

Bystone CC

Centurions CC

Chak De CC

Challengers CC 1

Challengers CC 2

Comilla Warriors CC

Daman CC

Dark Horses CC

East London Titans CC

East London Warriors CC

Eleven stars CC

Essex Lions CC


Frenford ELL CC 1

Frenford ELL CC 2

Gagan CC 1

Gagan CC 2

Gladiators CC

Holtwhites Hawks CC

Ilford Knight Riders CC

Jinnah CC

Leytonstone CC

London Braves CC

London Capital CC 1

London Capital CC 2

London Capital CC 3

London Eagles Sporting Club

London Riders CC

London Warriors CC

Mavericks CC

Neo CC 1

Neo CC 2

Newham CC 1

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Newham CC 3

NLMCC Mighty Tigers

North London Muslims CC

Panthers CC

Pavilion & Amez CC 2

Pavilion & Amez CC 3

Pavilion Amez United CC 1

Rat Pack CC

Reach CC

Redbridge CC 1

Redbridge CC 2

Royal Thunder & Essex Panthers CC

Safe Skills CC

Shane Moss CC 1

Shane Moss CC 2

Spartan CC 1

Spartan CC 2

Supernova Sports CC

Sylhet XI CC


West Essex CC 1

West Essex CC 2

West Essex CC 3

West Essex CC 4

West London Gladiators (WLG) CC

Zalaam CC


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