• London Warriors CC

    The London Warrior CC (http://www.londonwarrior.club/) is a cricket club which is established in 2016 and represents the player of London in National Cricket League. We welcome new players who would like to play cricket professionally. LWCC is currently registered for T20, One day-Knock-out Game and 40 Over game. We are very friendly, positive and shown great respect to cricket. Our team member comes from different culture, religion, language and cast. Our Club believes in bringing the communities together through cricket. We work as a team to achieve the target and feel proud of each other's success. Epping Cricket Club, CM16 5HA
    2018 - Division 3-A winner

    Kalpesh Chandracant (Team caps for all format ) 07305 820830
    Yogesh Mangela ( Team Manager ) 079 5144 5828
    Devendra (Admin) 07913336141

    Team Sponser

    PIXOL Limited

    Website Url : www.pixol.co.uk

    Team member

    Chandracant Tucaram (Player ID- 3691)

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    Chiraag Prajapati (Player ID- 2219)

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    Devendra Chandracant (Player ID- 2207)

    All Rounder
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    Harsh Patel (Player ID- 3638)

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    Jay Ramesh (Player ID- 4800)

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    Kalpesh Chandracant (Player ID- 2206)

    All Rounder
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    Kamlesh Chandracant (Player ID- 2225)

    All Rounder
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    Kiran Mistry (Player ID- 2218)

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    Mahendra Patel (Player ID- 2222)

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    Mahesh Mangela (Player ID- 4735)

    All Rounder
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    Nilesh Mangela (Player ID- 2211)

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    Pandurang Chandracant (Player ID- 2215)

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    Parth Bhatt (Player ID- 4799)

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    Sagar Keni (Player ID- 4206)

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    Umang Keni (Player ID- 3639)

    All Rounder
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    Vinod Prajapati (Player ID- 2224)

    Wicket Keeper
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    Yassir Kayaani (Player ID- 2901)

    All Rounder
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    Yogesh Mangela (Player ID- 2221)

    All Rounder
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