• London Capital CC 1

    THE ACADEMY 92 WOOLWICH COMMON WOOLWICH SE18 4DE Club Contact- Mr Jabir Patel - 07832352776 Mr Saleh Hatia - 07951474357

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    Team member

    Adil Akhtar (Player ID- 1940)

    All Rounder
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    afzal sutariya (Player ID- 900)

    All Rounder
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    Akib A Patel (Player ID- 4455)

    All Rounder
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    Amol Mathure (Player ID- 4719)

    All Rounder
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    Ashif Sutariya (Player ID- 81)

    All Rounder
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    Atif Mukhtar (Player ID- 1935)

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    Harun Patel (Player ID- 4637)

    Wicket Keeper
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    Idris Patel (Player ID- 926)

    All Rounder
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    Imran Talati (Player ID- 2537)

    All Rounder
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    Imtiyaj Jolly (Player ID- 3405)

    All Rounder
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    Javed Ismail (Player ID- 227)

    All Rounder
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    Jon Taylor (Player ID- 5678)

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    Raja Zaheer Abrar (Player ID- 5025)

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    Saleh Hatia (C) (Player ID- 2937)

    All Rounder
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    Shakil Shaukat Tutla (Player ID- 2000)

    All Rounder
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    Tanzim Sarigat (Player ID- 3189)

    All Rounder
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    Umer Imtiaz (Player ID- 2501)

    All Rounder
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    Zuber Damna (Player ID- 495)

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