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Challenger's CC was establish in 2011
Captain Name: Obaid Rahman - 07814556121 , Club Secretary: Abbas Baig - 078 777 59418
This will be our first season playing in the NCL. The whole team is up for it and really look forward to how this venture takes off. We are friendly, humorous and passionate team, we realise that all of us on the pitch are here to have fun while playing cricket, so mutual respect is important, while some FUNNY! sledges are endorsed! :) Please contact us for more information.
Captain Name: Arshian 07961765295 Ground details: Aberdour Road, Goodmayes, Ilford, Essex, IG3 9PH
Hainult Recreation Ground IG6 3HX-Pitch Number 7
Captain Name: Munaf Patel-07738727515
Captain Name: ?
Tower Hamlets
Captain Name: ?
This will be our first season playing in the NCL.if you are interested in playing for youngster cc team plz contact captain name asad khan 07737592001
Captain Name: Asad khan
Essex based Team
Captain Name: Sachin Tendulkar Videos
Captain Name: 1
Diamond Cricket Club
Captain Name: Tanvir Alam07985 114 747
Secretary Name: Mr Uroosh Matthias07795 424 944
Ground Address:
A few friends and family got together in 2013 to play T20 league on weekdays. After a successful 2014 we decided to progress to NCl.We have a very talented squad with a lot of variety.2015 will be our first year in NCL and we are hoping to grow bigger every season. Any like minded cricket enthusiast want to join us please feel free to get in touch.
Captain Name: Zeeshaan Khan
Secretary Name: Raashid Kazi
Ground Address:
Prince club was established in 1979 in Pakistan with some good young talent. In 2005 it was formed again in UK and took part in a local cricket league in 2006. Prince won Division 2 Title in 2006 with Best Bowler and Best Batsman of the Year along-with number of Gold Awards as well. Its first sponsor was from Pakistan but now they have a local sponsor. Prince played 4 years in the Premier Division and won 6 A-side Out Door & Indoor League twice. Now they are in National Cricket League (NCL) with new ideas and hopes. And have won T/20 and T/10 Cup Tournaments in 2012 and 2013.
Captain Name: Azwer Ali07939 153 142
Secretary Name: Mr Ibrar Mir07939 153 142
Ground Address:
Captain Name: A
Forc Cricket Club joined NCL in 2013 and won the Pro40 plate in the first season. In 2014 ford went on to win the Div 2 title losing just one game all season. Ford cc also play in the Essex cricket county league on saturdays. To join Ford cc contact Ali Raja. alirajauk@hotmail.com Ph: 07984861186
Captain Name: Ali Raja07955262727
Smashers CC
Captain Name: Khalid mahmood butt07984000050
We are the newly formed club in HEART of Walthamstow since 2012. Our teams based on Old and new friends from different background regarldess of their any race or any nationalities. We wellcome anyone who is willing to join us anytime during or after the season depending if you have the passion of Cricket.
Captain Name: Asim Bhai07944555919
Captain Name: Saby
Secretary Name: Saby
Dark horses Cricket Club were established in 2010. The Cricket Club got together and participated in a Twenty20 cricket competition which was played on Saturdays called Twenty’s Plenty Cricket League. In the first season the Club managed to qualify for The Final but on the day they were second best. In 2011, the Cricket Club identified the areas where improvements were required and achieving their goals by becoming the Twenty’s Plenty Cricket League Champions 2011. The Club’s chemistry with players from India and Pakistan working as a unit in maintaining the team’s morale and assisting the Cricket Club’s growing success. It is also identified that the formula and balanced between establish young and experience cricketers. East Enders Cricket Club face probably the biggest test of them all in competing in the National Cricket League (NCL), playing 40 over league cricket and competing against the finest and talented Cricket Clubs in the league.
Captain Name: Mr Nozmul Hussain07955 181 616
Ground Address:
The Club was established in 1970 under the name 'Leytonstone Cricket Club'. The Club was found by passionate cricket players to build a legacy for many generations. The club has been working with young players to build a long term base and to continue for more generations which was found by Mr Dilawar Patel and then the operation of the club continued by Mr Juned Patel. 2005 the Club name changed to 'Leytonstone Youth Cricket Club' with the guidance of current Club Secretary Mr Sajid Patel who promoted and development young talented players on to the biggest stage on grass root levels. The Club has won major honours at various different cricket leagues in the London, Essex and Middlesex areas. Now the club is known as 'Leytonstone Lions Cricket Club', the club continues it's strong heritage for over 40 years and are looking to build a successful team with players present to repeat the success of our legendary players from the past.
Captain Name: Mr Sarfraz Boriyawala07912 215 703
Secretary Name: Mr Sajid Patel07958 574 878
Ground Address:
A Gravesend based team who have been indoor as well 20/20 champions and now are looking for a new challenge in the NCL.
Captain Name: Asif Malik
The North London Muslim Cricket Club was founded over 20 years ago and at one stage had four sides playing on Saturdays and Sundays. Unfortunately the senior team stopped playing four or five years ago as the members disappeared, for a variety of reasons, a main one being age. The colts continued playing in the Middlesex league. The squad consisting of about 25 members with a mixture of youngsters and adults was set up. A very talented and varying side many players who have played a high standard of cricket i.e. Middlesex Colts, minor county fixtures etc as well as fairly new players to keep to a well balanced side. Please feel free to browse the website www.nlmcc.hitscricket.com or get in contact to find out more. We are always looking for fixtures and new players so feel free to contact the relevant officers. Thank you for your interest
Captain Name: Rizwan07956 298 543
Secretary Name: Bilal07921 503 664
Ground Address:
Challenger's CC was establish in 2011
Captain Name: Adnan Shafiq - 07903 349 201, Club Secretary: Abbas Baig - 078 777 59 418
Secretary Name: ?
Ground Address:
East london
Captain Name: Nasir
Secretary Name: ?
Ground Address:
Scintilla Cricket Club is based in Barking & Dagenham but boasts its members from all over the great city of London. In 2003, a group of very close friends (five or six) from four corners of London used to regularly meet at Regents Park on a sundayafter noon to play ‘taped-tennis cricket’ (a tennis ball is wrapped around by selotape). As the circle of friends gathering at Regents Park increased, so did the hunger to play their favorite sport at a friendly but in a competitive atmosphere. Very soon a name for the team emerged as CORONA Cricket Club. In 2005 CORONA entered and successfully clinched the ‘All London Cricket League’ title. The club’s founders were: Mr A Naser, Mr D Paul, Mr S Ezdi and Mr S M Z Hossain. After tasting success in its first year of competitive outing, we sought more success. Unfortunately, with success we needed funds to pay for operating costs. Until then, the club had been running on the generous donations made by its founders. Unfortunately, the club had to cease playing league cricket due to expensive costs – but decided to meet at least couple of times a year to play friendly matches. The high spirit of cricket re-emerged amongst some of the co-founders of CORONA and decided to make cricket a community sport rather than just fulfilling individual satisfaction. We decided to take cricket to our community because this is something that we can offer to our friends, families, neighbors and visitors. Everyone will agree that a sport is a strong medium of unity, harmony, cohesion and integration. And, we all have duties and responsibilities towards our society. SCINTILLA CRICKET CLUB was formed in May 2006. We identified ourselves as a Barking & Dagenham based club with the aim of making the club accessible to whole of East London. Club was established for the purpose of engaging young people who are disaffected in society into main stream provisions through the medium of sports. It brings young people from all backgrounds and ability together, using sports as a vehicle. The aim of the organisation is to use sport to reduce anti-social behaviour, crime and drug use among 12-25 years old within our local neighbourhood. It also aims to promote talented players and introduce them to professional cricket clubs. The intended outcomes are; To support young people, vulnerable or disengaged from education, training or employment, or at risk of substance abuse, teenage pregnancy or involvement in crime. To raise education standards through workshops and education workshops (including residential workshops outside of Barking and Dagenham), Coaching Courses, to build their confidence, self-esteem, respect and discipline. To provide high standard of information, advice and guidance, making it more tailored to the needs of young people which is relevant to today’s world of work. To increase awareness about equality and diversity issues and their role in society. To educate and encourage participation engagement as citizens in government, (at all levels) community development and regeneration and more generally decision making in society that affects them directly or indirectly. Equip young people with the necessary skills to make a smooth transition from adolescence to adulthood. Working in partnership with Middlesex County and other clubs in developing professional cricketers and coaches
Captain Name: AYAZ Karim
10 years ago a bunch of 16 year olds were brought together by a common interest they shared: the great game of cricket. These boys slept, breathed, ate and drank the sport. They all played for various different teams including schools, street cricket and Eton Manor but came together under the banner of "Kashmir" and “Asians CC”. As time went on this group expanded to the developing players in their early teens; Mubashar and Sikander. It was already evident a formidable team was forming. The team enjoyed good success in their first season and were promoted to the premier league. They held the most fearsome pace battery in the league led by Muhsin Darr. However, the following season saw everyone go to university and the numbers were harder to build up. The addition of an international starlet, Ammar Aziz, failed to stop the arrest. On a dark day in summer 2004 the team dissolved. Everyone went their own ways and it seemed what had the potential to become a group of league killers had parted ways forever. For years there was talk of getting back into cricket. The passion was there but something was stopping the dream from becoming reality. During then and now there have been some moments of magic when the team have got together. Sikander Butt rescued the team from the jaws of defeat with a stunning bowling performance. The opposition were home and dry needing only 10 runs in 5 overs with 5 wickets in hand. But Sikander had other plans taking a stunning 4 wickets in an over to bring home the victory. On a separate almost equally hopeless situation Ammar Aziz pulled off the performance of his life; a stellar display which drew comparisons with the great Wasim Akram and bought home the win. There was also a somewhat shambolic T20 campaign. The talents of the team took them to the quarters but a lack of discipline cost them a place in finals day. All this only left everyone gunning for more but no one was ready to stand up and bring everyone together until Mubashar and Sikander Butt decided it had been long enough. These two masterful cricketers whose presence alone will boost any playing X1 to a winning one set out to round the troops. They started with the easy recruits of Asif, Omair, Fahim and Zak and this slowly expanded to the likes of Toheed, Ahmed and Nabeel. They talked the one bowler who at his best has run through even the best batting line ups with the new ball, Muhsin Darr, to come back. He has progressively gotten better and is now ready to form a formidable partnership with Nabeel for the opening spells. Even at this point something was not right. Something felt like it was missing. But then entered the most talented bowler this bunch has seen; a bowler who can make the ball do things others dream of; the left arm sensation Ammar Aziz; to complete an embarrassingly rich pace battery that will drive the team home. 10 years ago they were boys. Some at college, some at school and some abroad. Now they have come back together to realise a dream that was always spoken of but never achieved. Too many times they have been nearly there; but this time something feels different; there is a new discipline that’s not been seen before. And after the last team meeting the team are behind their leader Zak! Winter training is done. The money has been paid. The squad has been decided. The previews have been written. The kits have been distributed. Now all that's left to do is...play!
Captain Name: Zakariya07791 459 440
Secretary Name: Mr Sikander Butt07577 772 963
Ground Address:
Walthamstow based
Captain Name: Mr ashfaq alam07888 665 406
Secretary Name: Mr Ashfaq Alam07841 290 744
Ground Address:
Team of Friends From IND and PAK
Captain Name: Maqsood Arshad07787 114 551
A team united with superb individuals Ground: Valentines Arena, Ilford
Captain Name: Mohamed Patel07880 973 893
Newham Cricket Club is a newly formed cricket club situated in the heart of the East End of London. Our home ground is Flanders field in East Ham, where the likes of Graham Gooch, Nasser Hussain and Ravi Bopara have graced, not to mention the legend that is Bobby Moore. Indeed, we are situated in an area of London, rich in cricketing talent and our potential as a cricket club is huge. The club was established in 2005 and reformed in 2008 after becoming moribund. We are a non-for profit community sports club and our purpose is to offer local people the opportunity to participate in regular sporting activity through cricket. Indeed, we are the only youth cricket club in Newham. Our club is open to all regardless of age, disability, race, sexual orientation, religious belief, ability and gender and we are currently recruiting young boys aged between 8 and 16 to compete in Essex Metropolitan Board cups. In fact, we not only recruit young people but their parents as well and we are always on the look out for new social members to join and volunteers to help with the day to day running of the club. Additionally, we are recruiting adults over the age of 16 to represent our senior men's 1st X1 and young females aged between 8 and 16 for our brand new junior female section. In the very near future, we will be starting a disability programme with the help of the charity, Cricket for Change. Please keep checking the web site for more details. If you are interested in playing for Newham Cricket Club or you simply want to try your hand at a spot of scoring, read on and get in touch with one of our officers, contact details of which can be found on the contacts page. To highlight our ambition, within the next six months we hope to achieve Clubmark status by working in conjunction with the Essex Cricket Board. Clubmark is an ECB accreditation process, which recognizes the fact that young people and children can enjoy sport in a safe and fun environment offering parents the knowledge that their children are in safe hands.
Captain Name: Mr Zahid Khan07535 884 791
Secretary Name: Irfan Khan07961 655 818
Ground Address:
Captain Name: A
captain :- Manishbhai Patel
Captain Name: Priyesh Patel
A team with friends
Captain Name: Mr Wasif Dustgir07704042544
Captain Name: A
This will be our second season playing in the NCL. We enjoyed last season and whole team is really look forward to the upcoming season of 2016. Rising Stars C.C are friendly, humorous and passionate team, we realise that all of us on the pitch are here to have fun while playing cricket, so mutual respect is important, while some FUNNY! sledges are endorsed! :) We are always looking for new players. Please contact us for more information at. Email: risingstarscc@hotmail.com
Captain Name: -
NYCC est. in 2010
Captain Name: Saleh Hatia07951474357
Captain Name: Mr Mohammed Yasir07791 459 440
Secretary Name: ALI RAZA07791459440
Ground Address:
Ground Address : Copthall playing fields Champions way Mill Hill NW4 1PX
Captain Name: Huzaifa Umarmia
A team of friends for a friend. Drumroll please! The number 1 cricket sledge of all time as voted by you, is: 1. Viv Richards & Greg Thomas. In a county match in England, Thomas was bowling to Richards and getting a few to whizz past the bat. After Richards played and missed another one, Thomas said: "It's red, it's round. Now fucken hit it!". This obviously angered Richards who proceeded to hit the next ball out of the ground. Richards: "You know what it looks like now go and get it." This epitomises Ratpack CC the masters of sledging but played in good spirits, in rememberance of our beloved and dear friend/brother who is always and forever in our thoughts and prayers. As his beloved Reds Manager once quoted, "How can you tell your wife you are just popping out to play a match and then not come back for five days?" - Rafa Benitez struggling to come to terms with Test cricket. RatPack CC To play against our team you gotta be brave, to play in our team you gotta be nuts!!!
Captain Name: Mr Alfy Hayson07947 131 117
Secretary Name: Mr Ashfaq Adam07944 764 011
Ground Address:
Captain Name: ANAS KHAN07812180027
Secretary Name: IRFAN ISMAIL07877221209
Ground Address:
East Ham Based Team
Captain Name: Mr Amjad Khan07888 833 112
Secretary Name: Mr Arshad Khan07983 628 082
Ground Address:
Walthamstow Based home grond petermay
Captain Name: Mr Ashfaq Alam07841 290 744
Secretary Name: Mr Ashfaq Alam07841 290 744
Ground Address:
Captain Name: Amandeep Singh
Secretary Name: Aman
Ground Address:
Captain Name: Mr Afzal Sutariya
Secretary Name: Mr Sajid Patel07958 574 878
Ground Address:
East 2012
Captain Name: Jabir Patel07832352776
Secretary Name: Jabir Patel07832352776
Ground Address:
London Tigers cricket club (LTCC) was established due to many young people in Inner London Boroughs such as Camden, Tower Hamlets and Westminster from disadvantaged backgrounds, demanding that they have an opportunity to play competitive cricket. The club has teams from juniors to seniors playing in the National Cricket League, Victoria Park Community Cricket League, North East London League and Last Man Stands League. The club manages the UK Bangladesh Cricket team and are the Winners of the Lords Taverners Inner City Cricket World Cup 2006 representing Bangladesh. If you are interested in playing for London Tigers Cricket teams, please email info@londontigers.org
Captain Name: Shahidul Alam07748114811