• East London Warriors CC

    East London Warriors is a London Based Cricket Club which plays with players of 15 to 45 years of age. We like to play the game in the friendliest manner possible and enjoy every bit of it.

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    Abdul Shakoor (Player ID- 3677)

    All Rounder
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    Ahmed Khan (Player ID- 3711)

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    Ameer Butt (Player ID- 3661)

    All Rounder
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    Arif Mehmood (Player ID- 3665)

    All Rounder
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    Eesa Faheem (Player ID- 5249) (U16)

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    Ehsan Javid (Player ID- 3671)

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    Fahad Khan (Player ID- 3662)

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    Husnain Butt (Player ID- 3669)

    All Rounder
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    Imran Sandhoo (Player ID- 3667)

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    Kashi Abbasi (Player ID- 3666)

    All Rounder
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    Kashif saleem (Player ID- 4380)

    All Rounder
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    Mohsin Gazanfar (Player ID- 3663)

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    Muhammad Idrees (Player ID- 3672)

    All Rounder
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    Munawar Rafique (Player ID- 3659)

    All Rounder
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    Riaz Rasool (Player ID- 3660)

    Wicket Keeper
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    Rizwan s Hameed (Player ID- 3664)

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    Syed Atif Pirzada (Player ID- 4808)

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    Tanver Shafi (Player ID- 3658)

    All Rounder
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    Usman Raja (Player ID- 3668)

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    Usman Shafi (Player ID- 3670) (U16)

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    Zain Roy (Player ID- 3657)

    All Rounder
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