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NCL Season 2013

For all those who can not wait to show their talent in the game of Cricket will be glad to hear that the NCL cricket season will take place once again from the end of April 2013. The National Cricket League (NCL) have pleasure informing all participating cricket clubs, clubs who may also be interetsted in joining, match officials, fans & followers that a season of non stop entertainment will be with us soon, our set up will give the opportunity for all clubs to play in coloured uniform, power play over’s, independent match officials for each game, experiencing the enjoyment of playing with white match balls and also giving many players the opportunity of playing on some of the well known established cricket venues.

We thank all the cricket clubs who have co-operated and worked with us behind the scenes alongside the league management for the preparation of the season ahead.

A Special thanks to our League Chairman Mr Nahed Patel who has already played a major part in the establishment of the National Cricket League (NCL), he wishes to continue his support and sponsoring any which way he cann through his business ‘Blackhorse Estates’ an independent Estate agent based at 22 Kirkdale Road, Leytonstone, London E11 1HP.

The season will consist on a full summer cricketing programme which will involve various competitions such as the 40 over premier league, 40 over cup competition and a T-20 cup competition too.

Our match fixtures and results will be updated every week, with the player’s profiles and statistics changing on a game to game basis on the website along with any latest news & information. The league will release monthly newsletters mentioning performances of certain clubs & players during the month, along with any additional news that may be of any interest, the league shall then circulate newsletters to all club captains and secretaries, match officials & supporting cricket lovers.

The NCL cricketing organisation have great links with various TV channels & photographers to promote our project, our cricket clubs and club players will gain the experience and challenging themselves in going on Live broadcast programmes where they will talk about cricket and other sports, along with the possibility of appearing in local papers & magazines.

We hope the 2013 season  will bring as much happiuness and joy for all involved in the NCL and with the help from all members from the management, our cricket clubs, match officials and sponsors, together we will accomplish our goals further and deliver to all cricket lovers a platform they will be proud of being a part of.

We sincerely hope for all clubs involved to play in the spirit of the game and control themselves throughout the season, we appreciate many clubs will have players full of passion and the desire to win every game, but make note the desire to win does not turn in to mayhem on or off the pitch.

The NCL had pleasure of having some distinguished guests who made our Annual Awards Ceremony 2012 something to remember so we can all look forward to another Annual Awards Ceremony 2013 where trophies and individual awards will be given to the deserving candidates and teams, surely rounding off a tremendous season of cricket.

Good Luck & Best Wishes to all.